Datos IO - Back Up for MongoDB and Cassandra


CODR Architecture

Datos IO Consistent Orchestrated Distributed Recovery (CODR) architecture is not dependent on media servers so it can efficiently transfer data in parallel to and from file-based and object-based secondary storage. CODR delivers cluster-consistent backups that are highly space efficient yet available in native formats. CODR is application-ready for repair-free recovery.


  • Recovery to Any PIT: Customers can now recover data at any point-in- time (PIT) for flexible recovery point objective (RPOs), giving application owners improved and faster control of data.
  • Granular Node Level Recovery: RecoverX now allows companies to recover data for a particular node of a database cluster, shortening time-to-recovery from dedicated node failures.
  • Application Aware Data Masking: Users are now provided native support for data masking to hide sensitive personally-identifying information (PII) data, allowing for continuous test and development needs while meeting compliance requirements.
  • Advanced Storage Efficiency: RecoverX optimizes compaction by extracting only net-new data (vs. virtual) from databases, resulting in minimized secondary storage costs and reduced network storage and database cluster loads.
  • Application Centric Cluster Consistency: Allows administrators to configure cluster consistency for backups to map the needs of application consistency of write operations.

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