Plixer's award-winning system, ‘Scrutinizer’, has been implemented on many of the largest networks in the world. Plixer are 100% focused at engineering the very best behavior analysis system for cyber threat detection and forensic analysis.
Rather than depending on packet signatures, Plixer uncovers unwanted communications by leveraging NetFlow, IPFIX, sFlow and other derivatives.
The solution provides a holistic view of the entire enterprise regardless of equipment vendor. By leveraging the latest flow technologies, Plixer provides deep visibility into every corner of the network.


Why du360 for Plixer?

Our commitment to security is well documented - we help a broad range of organisations from the largest to the smallest to secure their data and safeguard their networks. Plixer is a market leader in making networks visible, providing early warning, insight and ensuring compliance. It is a key part of our portfolio of solutions. Our specialism in security makes us the best choice for your Plixer implementation. 



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